Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New York Photos and the Word of the Day: Flawsome

I was in New York for a short work trip and of course this would be the trip that I decided to master packing and fit my entire life (including workout gear, which I think is particularly notable) into a tote bag. This means that I willingly omitted my camera for typically valid reasons including: I won't have time, the weather will suck, it's heavy.

And delayed at JFK right now, I suppose I'm a teeny bit glad I don't have the extra pounds to lug around from wall outlet to bathroom to wall outlet etc., but mostly I'm just bummed out that I missed the opportunity to snag some photos of the ridiculously gorgeous spring days I spent here because yup, I did have time and nope, the weather most definitely did not suck.

iPhone5 to the rescue!

Also relevant is that I learned the word "flawsome" today at the conference I attended. Could there be a better word for New York? My mild claustrophobia kicks in to high gear, no one says thank you or please (even that goose was a dick), there's literally garbage everywhere... and yet, it's still so, so, awesome. Flawed and awesome.