Thursday, June 12, 2014

Photography: Moon over Chicago and life lately

I've become obsessed with my camera and taking as many pictures as possibly lately. Funny how sunny skies can do that to a person! (Nothing about this winter was funny.)

We're heading to Mexico very soon for my 21st (fine, 30th) birthday and to pick the venue for our wedding! I am feeling lucky and grateful and very ready for a margarita. I am also praying that there are animals everywhere to take pictures of. Are monkeys native to Mexico or is that a cruel resort entertainment thing? 

 Anyway. I was sitting on the balcony this evening and thinking: I am going to paradise! 

And then I saw that moon and realized: I'm already there. 

Cheers to getting older and cheesier, friends!

PS I used the power of visualization/The Secret to hail a cab the other day and also I'm pretty sure that's how I made the Cubs win. So, I'd just like to put it out into the universe that I'm finally, finally close to finishing the rebuild of my site (and two other projects for the books!) Stay tuned!

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